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If serious harm is about to happen to any person, including oneself, call 911 immediately to be attended to by mental health professionals at the nearest hospital.

Emergency Services

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 

(800) 273-TALK (8255)


Ramsey County: Mental Health Crisis Line

(651) 266-7900.


Hennepin County: Community Outreach for Psychiatric Emergencies (COPE)

(612) 596-1223  adults, age 18 and older

(612) 348-2233  children, age 17 and younger


Dakota County: Crisis Response Unit (CRU) 

24-hour phone and face-to-face crisis intervention and consultation 

(952) 891-7171


Northeast Psychotherapy 

(612) 405-0830

Tangletown Psychotherapy & Assessment Center

(612) 823-5178

Lowry Hill Psychotherapy & Assessment Center

(612) 871-2544

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