Our Clinicians

Sometimes the reasons for a good fit between patient and therapist can be a mystery. Feel free to read more about the clinicians on our team to see if any specializations or training match what you might be looking for in a care provider.

Our range of approaches ensures that one of us will likely be a good fit for therapy so browse our bios and visit our websites to see who would like to work with. Alternatively, you can schedule a brief phone consultation if you would like to talk more about who could be the best match.   

Tobin Shelton, LCSW, MPH

Tobin Shelton

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW, MPH

I am a bilingual psychotherapist for individuals and couples who have a range of life experiences and concerns. I work primarily face-to-face in St. Paul and offer phone or video sessions for people living in California and Minnesota. My approach to therapy emphasizes trust and awareness in the process of healing. I believe that therapy can be fun, challenging, and rewarding. I will honor your lived experiences, laugh with you, and support your growth. 

I have worked in the criminal legal system, schools, and healthcare settings. With a background in music, dance, and creative arts, I am open to a wide range of human expression. I am committed to my own work around my identity and to the intrapersonal and community work we must do to deconstruct racism, classicism, and discrimination against the LGBT community. These issues are always with us - including in a therapy session! I have extensive experience working with people who use alcohol and other drugs. The work we do around substance use will focus on harm reduction, dignity and your own experiences of what is healthy and safe. I welcome work with families who are struggling with issues around alcohol and other drugs—including Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). 

I’m open to phone or email inquiries to see if you’re interested in therapy. I look forward to our work together.


My style is to support you in connecting with and understanding your deepest agendas and to facilitate the expansion of your capacity to live authentically, with all the parts of yourself. Many people have an intuition of when it's time to make changes, but are uncertain about how to do this, or where to begin. I'll help you generate the right conditions for change by first working to thoroughly understand your inner landscape, and what it’s like to be you. I'll assist you in refining your own instruction manual, find a useful balance between self-acceptance and self-discipline, and live a more integrated life. I bring an open mind, open heart, curiosity, creativity, and sometimes playfulness into my therapy work. 
I have experience working with a wide variety of people navigating major life transitions, identity evolution, and issues including depression, anxiety, shame, breakups, divorce, imposter syndrome, career questions, self-esteem, addiction, quarter-life crisis, midlife crisis, covert (negative) narcissism, and existential explorations. I have previous experience working in assisted living facilities, hospice work, drug and alcohol counseling, and real estate. I've lived in Wisconsin, California, and now Minnesota for the past 11 years. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, bike rides, podcasts, and spending time with my dog.

Ryan Peterson, LPCC, MA

Ryan Peterson

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, LPCC, MA

Lauri Ink, JD

Lauri Ink

Psychotherapist, JD

I have a warm and compassionate approach with a direct and active orientation. I will support you to develop and maintain meaningful, authentic connections with yourself and others, and to help you live your deepest truth. I believe that we all have the natural tendency to grow and heal given the right conditions. Difficult feelings can be powerful forces of change that can help us understand what we want and need. My goal is to be a steadying, nonjudgemental presence alongside you in your personal journey. Some of my areas of interest include depression, anxiety, addiction, burnout, compulsive spending or under-earning, and life transitions.

Previously, I spent over 20 years in the corporate world, as an attorney and leader for several Fortune 500 businesses. I understand the stresses of trying to find work-life balance, navigating personality conflicts, work overload, communication challenges, and engaging in complex problem solving. I am excited to help individuals make changes that positively impact their work lives.

I have called the Twin Cities home for 16 years. I have a strong background in dance and athletics and believe strongly in the connection between body and mind. I enjoy spending time outdoors and keeping my cat out of trouble.

Lauri is working towards licensure under the supervision of Dr. Oliver Ross.


I look forward to meeting and hearing the story of each person who comes to therapy - and each journey is different. Therapy can go in may different directions; for some clients the work is in managing the day to day, for others it is working out grief and emotional challenges, and for others it is to improve the quality of their important relationships. Therapy can address a host of difficulties, from mental health conditions to emotional skills, existential meaning, or how to set healthy boundaries with others, to name just a few. I begin the process of therapy by helping the client set goals using treatment methods that are individualized to the client and the specific situation. Starting therapy is an act of courage, and facing our problems inevitably makes them better. In each case, it is when we shed shame, face fear, embrace our values, and hold ourselves accountable, that change can truly take hold in our lives.  

I specialize in working with clients with anxiety disorders, PTSD, young adults, ADHD, and addiction. This is consistent with my previous professional experience working in college counseling and for Hazelden Betty Ford. My work with transgender and atheist populations is particularly important to me.  Having spent nearly all my life living in the Twin Cities, I have great affection and regard for the community. I spend my free time with friends, playing my guitar, or reading. My work and this community are very important to me and I appreciate you taking the time to consider me in your search for a therapist.

Cliff Buhl, PsyD, LP

Cliff Buhl

Psychologist, PsyD, LP

Oliver Ross, PsyD, LP

Oliver Ross

Psychologist, PsyD, LP

I am a licensed clinical psychologist and the Clinical Director of Saint Paul Psychotherapy. In my clinical work I draw heavily on theoretical approaches that view therapy as an opportunity to participate in a healing relational experience. For me, spending time developing insight into one's self and patterns of coping is just as important as working towards participating in relationship in a way that is free and authentic. Despite the fact that therapy often requires facing our pain, for many of the people I work with therapy can be joyful. I bring my compassion, training, experience, and dedication to my work, and in exchange I ask that you take chances; try something different even if it makes you feel uncomfortable, be vulnerable even if it hasn't always worked for you in the past, and be curious even when doing so might reveal a difficult truth to face. My goal is to cultivate the conditions that make it feel possible to take these chances while challenging you both intellectually and emotionally.


Having been born and raised in St. Paul, I feel dedicated to the community which has given much to me. I've had the fortune of working with people across the metro in many different contexts, including crisis counseling, veteran’s residential rehab, in-patient substance abuse treatment, traumatic brain injury rehab, and university counseling. In my free time I enjoy making music, watching my birdbath (especially when there is a bird in it), and biking with my friends. I find that it can often be helpful to have a brief conversation to see if it could be a good fit for therapy, so feel free to be in touch if you think that could be helpful.